Iberdeli trades in all types of meat, originating from the Spanish Iberico pigs that roam free in the forests where they mostly eat acorns. In addition to the well-known dried hams, legs and sausages (Pata Negra, Chorizo, Ibéricoham Bellota http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pata_negra.), fresh products such as neck, ribs, tenderloin, etc. are also included in the assortment. There are approximately 400 different articles in total.

Barendrecht sells articles to customers in approximately 15 West European countries. The majority of the orders are transferred individually to the (mainly) Spanish suppliers, who then deliver the products directly to the customers. The orders for Dutch customers are delivered in Barendrecht (provided with customer information) and Iberdeli transports the products to the customer. In addition to these direct deliveries, (batch) stock is also stored at Barendrecht.

In order to separate these flows, routes are used to filter orders when sending digital orders to the suppliers. In general, the suppliers in Spain are artisanal companies. Until now, the customers’ orders were e-mails that included address details, ordered quantities/weights, desired carrier, transport date and instruction. These were then converted into purchase orders at the correct suppliers. These are fully digitally processed from the moment of going live. Purchase and sales are created automatically as much as possible, which means that records can be kept easily of the batch stock. When the suppliers’ delivery notes are received, the purchase orders are registered and the quantities and weights are sent automatically to the linked sales orders.

Iberdeli is a relatively small but young and dynamic team of people, which makes working on this project even more enjoyable. For more information about Iberdeli, please click on the following link http://www.iberdeli.nl/