Send your invoice to your buyers using PDF or XML file
With the help of the Reflex Export Advanced module, you have the option to send your packing slips and invoices digitally to your buyers in PDF or XML format (UBL 2.0).

Firstly, you must define your contact groups. This includes departments to which you e-mail the files. The advantage of this is that you do not have to create a separate contact group for every customer/department.

These contact groups can be linked to various contact persons in the customer file. If you have the Reflex Relation Management module, these can be entered at the contact persons. The groups can also be linked to the export type (PDF or XML). If this has been entered, Reflex 3000 will ensure that the file reaches the correct person.

Define export groups
Once the contact groups have been linked to contact persons, you can create export groups. You can specify for each export group which export item needs to be sent. You are given the choice of packing slip, packing slip order or invoice. It is also possible to make several choices per export group. For example, you can choose to send the packing slip in PDF format to your buyer’s purchasing department and the invoice to the finance department.

Define export actions
At export actions, you can specify for each export item whether you wish to place it in a certain folder, on the network or that it should be e-mailed to the buyer’s contact person. Several e-mail addresses can be entered for each export item. You can even specify whether it should be sent with a cc or bcc.

In addition, you can determine the document’s file format. The date, time, order number (in the case of a packing slip order), invoice number (at invoice export), sequence number and fixed text can also be included here to ensure that your buyer is clearly aware of what it concerns.

Reflex 3000 is also able to create and add the subject text automatically when e-mailing the packing slip or invoice. This way, you can clearly specify the e-mail’s subject matter.