Following the new labelling legislation, you should have your product specifications immediately available for your customers if you use a web shop. This is provided if you use Reflex Internet Order. If you supply to retail or your customer has their own web shop, they will also wish to receive your product specifications digitally by way of an article data pool. There are currently various article data pools in the Netherlands. The most well known are GS1 DAS, SRC-PDM, PS in foodservice, SIM and Foodscore. For example, Ahold has chosen GS1 DAS, Deli-XL has chosen GS1 DAS and PS in food service. A number of food wholesalers choose PS in foodservice, Foodscore and SIM are often used for private label products, etc. It is therefore possible that you, as producer, have to send product specifications to various article data pools (in various file formats) to satisfy customer demands.

In order to make it easier for you, ReflexSystems has developed a new module. The Reflex Product Data Export (PDE) module enables you to upload your article master data and article product specifications digitally to SRC-PDM. We have chosen to link this with SRC-PDM because you can then send your data easily to data pools such as GS1 DAS and PS in foodservice. In addition, SRC-PDM has a user-friendly interface with which you can easily enrich your data. A number of required fields are unknown in Reflex 3000 and should be completed before you can send the data to other article data pools. As from October 11, we have a version available (minimum version 15.0 is required) with which you can activate and set up the Reflex PDE module. A comprehensive manual is available. In addition to the purchase of the Reflex module, you need to hire (cloud solution) or purchase SRC-PDM software. For more information, please contact your ReflexSystems account manager or send an email to Should you require more information regarding the SRC-PDM solution, please contact SRC System Integrators at telephone number 0229-233154 or send an e-mail to The account manager for SRC-PDM is Peter Pottinga.